XUMIDOX™ Oxygen Control Systems

Oxygen control plays a crucial role in the storage and preservation of many valuable artifacts, as well as the increased storage lifetime of many foods and protection of personal items.

We offer a unique solution to your oxygen control needs. Unlike other systems, our membrane-based systems allow for precise oxygen control and can be scaled to meet the needs of almost any application.

Applications for our systems include

  • Artifact Preservation
  • Food Storage
  • Glove box
  • Inerting

How it Works

XUMIDOX™ Oxygen Control Systems operate on the principle of water electrolysis. A proton exchange membrane (PEM) is sandwiched by two electrodes. A voltage is applied to the electrodes which causes water to react to form oxygen and protons (hydrogen ions). The protons travel through the PEM, where they react with oxygen on the other side of the membrane to reform water.

When placed on the side of an enclosure the system can either be used to deplete or generate oxygen.


Features and Benefits


XUMIDOX™ Oxygen Control Systems have a small footprint and mounting assembly, allowing them to be easily integrated onto the side of an enclosure.


A common method for oxygen depletion is the introduction of an inert gas, like nitrogen, to evacuate the system of oxygen. This requires an inert gas tank that must be changed once it’s empty. Electrolysis based methods of oxygen control work entirely on moving the moisture available in the air, requiring no maintenance.


Pressure swing absorption units may be used to deplete oxygen in a system but require noisy compressors. XUMIDOX™ Oxygen Control Systems are equipped with a quiet fan for low noise operation.


We work closely with customers to ensure satisfaction and proper usage of the XUMIDOX™ Oxygen Control Systems and offer servicing to assist in the integration of the XUMIDOX™ Oxygen Control Systems into the end user’s product.

To adequately size the correct system for your application it is important to understand the following parameters:

Applications for our systems include

  • Ambient temperature and humidity
  • Target Oxygen Level
  • Enclosure volume
  • Draw down time (time to reach target oxygen level)
  • Frequency of opening the enclosure
  • Leak rate/ Air exchange rate
    • Note: this may be an unknown in your system and we can work with your team to determine this value

A lower target oxygen level, larger volume, quicker draw down time, and greater leak rate will all lead to a larger oxygen control system.

Oxygen Depletion Rate (g/day)11.15.5112856
Membrane Dimensions2 LxWxD (mm)40x40x21.555x55x2470x70x24105x105x24137.5×137.5×29
  • Oxygen Depletion rate determined at 60C, 30% RH
  • Depth includes fans